FAQ – Common Questions

What is the purpose of the Condo Council?

To provide information, practical solutions and education to association board members. We will constantly be updating our “Common Association Issues” tab. If you believe there is an issue that we need to have on our web site, please let us know your thoughts.

Is the Condo Council only for condominiums or does it serve homeowner associations as well?

Even though our name says “Condo Council” we hope to be helpful to homeowner associations as well. One of our Honorary Advisory Council members is the President of a homeowner’s association.

Is there a fee to join the Condo Council?

No. Membership is free. The only requirement for membership is that you agree to the disclaimer page listed on this site and that you are an officer or director of an association.

If i have a question about an issue that is not addressed on the web site, can i ask about it?

Yes. Members can ask a question on our website and we will try to get an answer for you. Also, members can ask questions at our quarterly lunch meetings.

Did the Condo Council check out the sponsors listed on the site?

While we cannot guarantee the work performed by anyone, we have checked out the sponsors by obtaining a copy of their license; a copy of their insurance certificate and spoke to many references who utilized the services of the sponsors.

Can non-board members join the Condo Council?

The Condo Council, was created for association board members and officers. Non-association board members cannot be members and will not receive the benefits of our membership. While trying to serve the thousands of board members in Broward County is a huge undertaking, we do not have the staff or resources to serve the hundreds of thousands of people who live in condominium and homeowner association communities in Broward County.