Hurricane Shutters

hurricain-shutters-lgShutters protect your life and property and are your first line of defense against wind damage. Once a window or door has been breached by a hurricane, wind pressure is brought on your interior walls and upward pressure on the roof of your property. If your windows and doors have the proper shutter protection, your property may survive a hurricane.

What you should know before purchasing Hurricane Shutters

Q: Does the company installing hurricane shutters need a license?

Yes. You should ask for proof of their license. You may check to see if their license is active and if there are any complaints filed against their license by going online to

Q: Does the company installing hurricane shutters need insurance?

Yes. You should ask for proof of their license. Once you are provided with their license, check to see if it is still active.

Q: Should I give a deposit before work is started?

It is recommended that you do not give more than a 5% deposit.

Q: How long does it take to get hurricane shutters installed?

Generally, the entire process takes between 2 to 3 weeks. This could vary depending on how long the City takes in issuing a permit and the amount of shutters you need.

Q: Is a permit required to have my shutters installed?

Yes. The company that you hire should apply for the proper permits and schedule the corresponding inspections. Shutters that are installed without a permit could be asked to be removed by the City and you may be fined.

Q: What are the best hurricane shutters to get?

The answer to this question is simple – the shutters that offer the greatest protection are the best. However, sometimes the best is too heavy, too expensive or too difficult for you to install. If you are personally installing them, make sure you get shutters that you are able to lift and install. There are shutters that automatically close with the push of a button. It is best to ask several shutter companies what their opinion is for the best protection of your property. Whatever type of shutter you purchase, it is important to remember that shutters are only as good as the quality of their installation. Make sure the shutters are installed by qualified workmen and that quality materials that meet the building code in your city or county are used.