elevators-lgFor many years you have heard of stories about a person who brought their car to a repair shop and was ripped off. What most board members do not know is that several elevator companies have scammed their association clients.

We have heard many stories about an elevator that stops working. The association calls their elevator company and is told that a new part will cost thousands of dollars. One condominium association was told that a part costing over $20,000 dollars was needed to repair their elevator. The association called another company to get a second opinion and was told the repair was $500 dollars.

Thousands of associations that have elevators have no idea if their elevator maintenance company is honest or is selling them a “bag of goods.” Also, if an association has a maintenance agreement with their elevator company, does the board actually know if the technician is properly doing preventative maintenance?

Given the cost of repairing or replacing an elevator, association board members need to become more familiar with this issue.

The Condo Council is in the process of developing a program that will help reduce the chance of an association being ripped off by an elevator company or by a maintenance agreement.