About Us

The Condo Council is the only organization in the State of Florida to provide a complete resource of information that will assist board members with everyday issues. While many organizations are focused on changing legislation, we have formed our organization to try to provide  solutions to everyday problems. Whether it involves a mold issue to a legal issue, we want to be a helpful resource to officers and directors of all associations.

The Condo Council has provided a web site which will address issues that all board members face each day. If an issue is not on the site, a member can ask a question on line or get an answer at one of our quarterly lunch meetings. Besides our web site, we plan to have several meetings each year to discuss issues and solutions in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our Honorary Advisory Committee serves as a resource for our members if issues arises in a certain area of expertise.

Our goal is to be the premier web site and organization that board members can turn to for information and solutions to everyday problems. We hope we can be helpful to you.


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